Get Involved!

Stakeholders and actors in the building industry are invited to get involved in the ConClip project and profit from the initiative. You will play an important role in reaching the aim of a European quality standard in passive house construction. You will receive dissemination support and are entitled to share in the use of the multi-lingual videoclips of the project.

Potential Partners are:

Decision makers and stakeholders in the building/ construction sector

  • consortium partners 
  • social partners (e.g. Chambers)
  • trade unions for employees of the construction business
  • construction companies and training centres dealing with the construction business
  • relevant contact points for migrants (e.g. associations)
  • various dissemination activities (media, construction fairs)
  • building companies agreements with companies for the production of ConClips after the project is finished.

Educators in the building/ construction sector & Interest groups for Passive Houses

The project also invites stakeholders from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Poland, Serbia and Turkey to participate and raise awareness on Passive Houses and to promote their implementation.

Please contact ConClip directly via email or fill out the form on the left.

We will get back to you promptly.

ConClip Folder, ConClip Poster and ConClip Tenders Download

Please download the ConClip Folder and ConClip Poster below to inform possible stakeholders and actors in the building industry about ConClip and invite them to participate in the ConClip project. Just click on the link and the document will automatically download.